Why FemiSafe Intimate Wash,uses of intimate wash,best intimate wash in India,100%herbal with organic ingredients,safe and non-toxic ingredients.

Why FemiSafe Intimate Wash?

Valoisa Herbal Intimate Wash is designed and formulated exclusively for intimate area. Many believe that ordinary soaps/wash will be sufficient to ...

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Is Nipple Hair Normal? | Femisafe.in

Is Nipple Hair Normal?

Human beings have hair follicles all over their body and the purpose of those hair follicles is to grow hair!Did you know that the tiny bumps aroun...

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Is It a Spotting Or Leaking? | Femisafe.in

Is It a Spotting Or Leaking?

Do you find yourself with light spotting few minutes after you insert your cup? Well ,you are not leaking but actually faux spotting. This happens ...

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Burning While Peeing? | Femisafe.in

Burning While Peeing?

We all have had painful urinations at some point of our life. Painful urinations are quite a discomfort which sometimes makes you hold your pee in ...

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