FemiSafe emerged during the Covid-19 pandemic which witnessed the limited access to sanitary napkins and the troubles of disposing them off along with various menstrual health issues that came with it. All these muddles inspired the Founder couple Noureen Aisha and Naseef Nazar to come with a brand exclusively for female wellness and hygiene products.
The first products of the brand were Menstrual Cups and the Silicone Sterilization Cups-used to sterilize menstrual cups. FemiSafe is the first-ever to introduce the Sterilization Cups in the Indian market. In addition to these, FemiSafe also has diversified into the grooming and intimate care category.  
As a female wellness and hygiene brand, we aim to  break the stigmas and taboos revolving around menstruation and feminine hygiene. What sets us apart from the crowd is when we interact with individuals in community engagements. FemiSafe is your one-stop shop for women's personal care and hygiene needs.