Our Story

At FemiSafe, we are driven by a powerful and personal mission to empower women to make safe and healthier choices about their menstrual and personal health. FemiSafe's story began with a conversation between our founders, Noureen Aysha and Naseef Nazar, during the pandemic.One day, as they were out and about, they came across a distressing sight: used sanitary pads piled up to be picked up by sanitation workers.

With waste pick-up happening only once a week during Covid pandemic, the workers were forced to handle the pads with their bare hands, separating the gel from the plastic so that the waste could be processed.
This experience left a deep impression on Noureen and Naseef. Naseef, in particular, suggested that Noureen, who had been using a menstrual cup for years, could raise awareness about this alternative menstrual product. And so, FemiSafe was born.
Since launching in 2020, we have been dedicated to providing women with access to the best and most innovative female wellness and hygiene products in the market. We are committed to helping the aspirational women of Bharat focusing on the less favourable Tier2/Tier3 cities find the products that work best for them and their bodies and be their best friend
We believe that every woman should have the information she needs to make informed choices about her menstrual and personal health. At FemiSafe, we are here to make that a reality.