Is It a Spotting Or Leaking?

Do you find yourself with light spotting few minutes after you insert your cup?

Well ,you are not leaking but actually faux spotting. This happens because before you insert your cup once your period starts, there is already some blood and discharges accumulated in your vaginal canal which then mixes with the water you used to rinse before inserting the cup. You may also find this kind of faux spotting when you reinsert your cup after emptying it, especially right after shower. 

Wiping the bottom of your cup after you insert, or rinsing down there would get it taken care of.

Whereas leaking is when there is actual blood on your panties. This could be because of multiple reasons such as improper insertion, wrong positioning when inserting/reinserting, holes of the cup is clogged, dispositioned due to bowel movements or could also be because you have a strong pelvic floor which squeezes the cup when your bladder is full.

A faux spotting can be managed by wearing a panty liner  for sometimes a once you insert the cup, whereas a leaking needs to be checked for if any of the above mentioned causes.