A Complete Guide to Using FemiSafe Menstrual Cups

FemiSafe menstrual cup is a  reusable period utility which can stay inside you for up to 12 hours depending upon your flow. It helps you stay engaged in your daily chores and gives you rash free period days. This product is made from imported medical silica gel which has zero irritation and high absorption character and is widely used in health care products, such as baby pacifiers, catheters etc. This product does not contain dioxins and allergic substances. FemiSafe menstrual cup is designed to give you a mess-free period which keeps you dry and odour free.

FemiSafe menstrual cup has a durability of 10 years, making it a sustainable product, hence reducing the environmental impact of disposables. Choosing  FemiSafe menstrual cup as your period pal will save you a lot of money in the long run and also from the monthly period time expenses.

All these factors make it efficient enough to be called “A Woman’s best friend”.


Soak the FemiSafe cup in boiling water for 3 minutes before your first use.

  • Firstly, wash your hands and fold the sterilized menstrual cup in the desired fold-C Fold,Punch down Fold or 7 Fold.
  • Hold the bottom of the menstrual cup and push into the vagina gently until the cervix.
  • Rotate the menstrual cup to ensure that it is fully open and closely bonded with the vagina.
  • Lastly, adjust the stem to the proper length.
  • In order to take out the FemiSafe cup, hold the stem with your fingers and press the bottom of the menstrual cup body slightly, squatting or sitting on the toilet seat.
  • Gently pull out the menstrual cup after the air is in.
  • Rinse and wash the FemiSafe cup according to your situation and re-insert.


After your menstrual cycle, sterilize the FemiSafe cup in hot water using FemiSafe Sterilization Cup.


How to find your cervix height?

STEP 1: Wash your hands well to avoid infection.

STEP 2: Find a comfortable position such as standing with one leg up on the toilet seat. It’s best to check your cervical position standing or sitting and not lying down, as this is the cervix’s ‘normal’ position with the effects of gravity.

STEP 3: Insert your index finger into your vagina and slide it upward until you feel your cervix. Your cervix is the shape of a small doughnut and it feels a bit like the tip of your nose.

STEP 4: When you can feel your cervix, stop and take note of the point at which your finger protrudes from the vaginal opening and check it against the cervical positions below – this is referred to as the ‘knuckle rule’ test.



How to insert the FemiSafe Cup?



Do’s and Don’t

  • DO Measure Your Cervix Height: It is one of the most overlooked factors when buying a menstrual cup. The cervix’s height significantly affects one’s experience with the cup since it will determine its effectiveness and use towards the owner. You wouldn’t want to wear a shoe that doesn’t fit you, right?
  • DO Clean Your Cup: FemiSafe cups should be cleaned before and after use. It is to ensure that the product that you are using will not be the reason as to why you will suffer  infections later on.
  • DO Properly Store It: Storing your menstrual cup significantly affects the lifespan of your cup. If you know how to clean and store your cup correctly, then it will not deteriorate sooner than its expected expiration. Even if menstrual cups last longer, always store it properly to avoid anything that would affect its quality.
  • DON’T Blindly Choose a Cup Size: One of the biggest mistakes of a beginner is blindly choosing a cup. It means that one did not consider the factors that might affect the experience of using a cup. For instance, if you did not measure your cervix height, then you probably chose the wrong size and would feel uncomfortable or painful later on.
  • DON’T Use “Just Any” Cleaning Products: It entirely depends on the brand of your menstrual cup. FemiSafe cup has its own cleaning procedures and items. Follow the guidelines on your menstrual cup user manual on how to clean yours thoroughly.
  • DON’T Use the following: The products that cannot be used in cleaning a cup are vinegar, oil-based soaps, tea tree oil, rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizers, hydrogen peroxide, and other harsh chemicals.
  • DON’T Neglect Your Menstrual Cup: Since a menstrual cup is also a part of your responsibility as a woman,  you need to practice cleaning your cup without a miss. With this, you will be able to ensure that you will not harbour any bacterial infection nor make a mistake and lose your cup for a short period.

P.S :

  • A menstrual cup will not deflower you.
  • Adjust the length of the stem if required by cutting it accordingly.